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Support before and after birth

Pregnancy is a time marked by changes. I would be happy to accompany you in this special phase of your life

 Acupuncture and/or bodywork

We will find out together in what framework and with what means we want to work together.


Case history

Taking a case history helps me to get a more precise understanding of your personal medical history and to be able to respond to you individual needs. Possible contraindications for acupuncture, but also important diagnostic information emerge from this conversation.



With the help of the case history, body, pulse and tongue diagnosis, I form a diagnosis and create a treatment plan.


I treat with acupuncture, advise on dietary changes and work with you to develop an exercise plan suitable for everyday use. This makes it possible to notice changes in posture that occur during pregnancy and thus  to alleviate related complaints.

I use a number of different techniques, including voice and breathing work according to First Nature, fascial pelvic floor training, Thai yoga massage, my experiences with somatic practices (such as  body-mind-centering and Cantienica pelvic floor training) and of course my  Wealth of knowledge and experience as a midwife and acupuncturist.

Symptoms we can work on:

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Edema

  • Muscular tension and pain

  • Back pain

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • "Restless legs" syndrome

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • States of exhaustion

  • Restlessness, fears, panic attacks, depressive moods

  • Engorged milk and mastitis

  • Lack of milk

  • Scar treatment


The body works hard to optimally care for two people at the same time. With some symptoms it is important to rule out overexertion of organs. In this case, I will send you to a gynecologist for an examination.

For some symptoms, it makes sense to work with other professionals.

Acupuncture to support pregnancy

Acupuncture is originally a preventative form of therapy, i.e. it can not only be used for acute complaints, but can also support natural changes in the body in a harmonizing manner. Energetically, your pregnant body moves through the five phases of change, the 5 Elements. Each phase can be supported with the help of acupuncture treatments.


Moxa and Acupuncture for breech presentation

Sometimes babies present themselves buttocks or feet first instead of head first . This is called breech presentation and increases the risk of complications during a spontaneous birth. Acupuncture can be used to stimulate the baby to turn. Through taking the case history and diagnosis, we find out in which way we can support the process of babies turning e.g. we might encourage baby to move more and set impulses as to the direction. We will also have a look at the space the baby has to turn in and treat accordingly (e.g. looking at possible muscular tensions in the pregnant persons body).

I also show the use of moxa candles, which should then be used independently once a day. If necessary, we combine this with exercises.

This treatment should begin in the 32nd to 34th week of pregnancy. A later start is also possible, but statistically it is not as successful as starting in the 32nd week of pregnancy.


Birthpreparation with Acupuncture

In the last four weeks before birth, the body prepares for the upcoming birth. Strength is gathered, space is created, the child's head sinks deeper into the pelvis (for first-time mothers), the cervix moves into a different position, shortens, the uterus begins to contract.

These processes can be supported and, if necessary, strengthened with acupuncture. In this case, too, I use the case history, body and pulse diagnostics to see what is needed (e.g. whether energy should be produced or digestion should be stimulated) and treat accordingly.


Inducing labor with acupuncture

If the expected date is exceeded, needles can be inserted specifically to initiate the birth process. As with inductions through medical drugs, the  outcome is significantly better if the body has already started preparing for birth and certain criteria are met (Bishop Score). 



Your statutory  health insurance covers part of the treatment if there is physical or emotional discomfort due to the pregnancy. For the Acupunture there is an additional fee:

Acupuncture treatment  40€/ 30€ reduced(Students, recipients of unemployment benefits, low-income people)


Feel free to contact me for an appointement

Midwifery Care: Pregnancy and postpartum support


As a midwife, I look after you before and after the birth (Pregnancy check ups, postpartum care, breastfeeding advice).


I can only offer postpartum care in Schöneberg.

I have capacity for postpartum care again from May 2024. Feel free to make an appointment for an initial consultation.


During pregnancy

Pelvic floor course

Numerous studies have shown that the postpartum recovery is faster and more effective if we already have developed a good understanding of the pelvic floor  during pregnancy.

In this course we learn to how to become more aware of the pelvic floor and the adjacent structures, and to consciously tense and relax it. Gentle exercises are taught that can also be used during the postpartum period. 

Birthpreparation Class (English)

Sat&Su course, 10am-5pm

What do we need to prepare for a birth? 

What can we expect? What is happening when?

Let's find answers for all your questions and discover the depths of resources you already have available to find your way through this deeply transformative process.


After pregnancy

Postpartum courses 

The English postpartum course takes place online only.

This course offers targeted training to rebuild and relax muscles and fascia that have been weakened after pregnancy and birth. Not only the pelvic floor but also other postural muscles are particularly in focus in order to achieve more energy and strength in everyday life.
It is recommended to start the class 8-12 weeks after birth. THe Course wil take place twice a week over a period of 4 weeks; the units build up, to achieve an overall build up in fitness level. The babies are very welcome.
The course fee will be covered by your statutory health insurance if it is completed by the time your child is nine months old. 

Sport after postpartum training

currently online, in the park in the summer


Registration for the courses via


Anima Schmitz Salue


Clinic days: 

Mondays: Sjael, Schwiebusserstr.9, 10965 Berlin

Thursdays:  Babyrund, Gleditschstr.45, 10781 Berlin

Thank you for your message!

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